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Electronic Signage

A change of traffic pattern can confuse drivers and cause an unsafe situation. This can be mitigated by increased communication and advanced warnings. In some cases, a large flashing arrow board will be used to advise drivers of a lane closure ahead.

Other times, when required by the road authority or when you just want to increase your margin of safety, there’s nothing more effective than the Portable Variable Message Sign (PVMS). These free-standing, solar-powered oversize units are placed well ahead of the Construction Area to give advance warnings to oncoming traffic. Our fleet of PVMS’s are remotely programmable and can be updated on the fly to correspond to a developing situation.

We also have MTO spec solar charging, battery operated, generator backup temporary traffic lights that can be used in most situations instead of flaggers for long duration projects.

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Traffic Light Sets

Traffic Light Sets

Message Boards

Message Boards

TC-12 Arrow Boards

TC-12 Arrow Boards

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