From barrels to barriers, fencing to custom signs, security cameras to message boards, if it stands on asphalt, we have it. And lots of it.

Road Safety Signs

If you have a work zone in proximity of travelled road surfaces, you must protect your workers and safely guide the public through. From designing your traffic control plans to providing all required signage, we have you covered.

All Beacon Lite traffic control plans are accepted by the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and all Ontario municipalities surrounding the city. Though we offer flagging services, our Portable Traffic Light systems never require bathroom breaks, and they work 24/7

We deliver and can also install
We use aluminum signs for all rentals (Durability, do not break in half in inclement weather)
Fully Certified by 3M Canada for manufacturing of retroreflective signs
Redundant systems that never fail

Crowd Control

Our metal, interlocking barricades and fences are in high demand for Presidential Visits or for temporary activities like St. Patrick’s Day outdoor patios.

They can work to safely channel pedestrian traffic around obstacles and secure outdoor events and concerts. Delivery is included with any purchase or rental order.

We deliver and can also install
Built tough for any environment
Only style of fence used by public works on parliament hill
More secure than the competition

Electronic signage

A change of a traffic pattern can confuse the average driver and cause an unsafe situation. This can be mitigated by increased communication and advanced warnings. When required by The Road Authority or when you just want to increase your margin of safety, there is nothing better than the Portable Variable Message Sign (PVMS).

These, free standing, solar powered over-sized units are placed, well in advance of the Construction Area that give warning to oncoming Traffic.Our fleet of PVMS’s are remotely programmable and are all equipped with GPS tracking devices.

We deliver and can also install
Our Systems haven't been hacked into (re... Zombies ahead)
All units use Gell cell batteries made for a Canadian climate
Redundant systems that never fail


Theft and vandalism are clearly an issue within the construction industry. They can delay projects and hurt their profitability. Beacon Lite now offers Solar Remote Video Surveillance Trailers. These trailers are equipped with 2 Smart Track ptz cameras that can be set automatically track new objects in their 360 degree line of sight. They can also be programmed to alert security personnel by email if changes occur.

They record everything they see in and store the video to their on-board Digital Video Recorder. Both the live video and the recorded content can be accessed remotely.

Camera system is fully solar powered
Fully automated, does a tracking routine and records movement and zero's in on plate numbers
Can be accessed anywhere anytime by computer/cell phone/tablet device
System Reports to Beacon Lite if there are any problems (Low Battery, Frozen Equipment)
Heated cameras to allow colder operating temperatures


From speed bumps, car stops, beacons, cones, 3M reflective material, flashlights, posts for signs to risers for manholes, catch basins and valve chambers, Beacon Lite has an extensive selection of road accessories in all shapes, sizes and colours.

We deliver and can also install equipment
We carry extensive supply of 3M prismatic materials and can be cut to length on site
We have large inventory
We're available for expert advice

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