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For any project on or near a road, it’s critical to warn drivers where lanes end and construction begins. We can help you choose the right configuration of products to ensure a safe environment for construction crews, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians based on MTO Book 7 guidelines. Here are some of the building blocks of our typical layouts. Given their ubiquity on roads all across North America, drivers are sure to recognize them in an instant.

TC-54s, also known as traffic barrels. Their high visibility and high recognition factor make them an integral part of traffic channeling.

51-Cs are a compact, lightweight, narrow post with a reflective stripe used to delineate lanes of traffic in tight conditions.

TC-51b also known as traffic cones or pylons are used during the day in short duration situations. They can be set up and removed quickly and stack well for transportation.

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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

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